Bike Organizations

Bicycling resources Bicycle-related ventures
  • Rubel BikeMaps, providing excellent maps of New England for bicyclists. The company was founded and is run by Andy Rubel, Andrew Fischer’s predecessor as president of the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition(MassBike).
  • Urban Adventours, a company offering bicycle tours of Boston.
  • RouteLoops creates custom bike routes that begin and end at the same location. Just enter a starting location and a distance, and youll receive a custom map and a queue sheet. Submit multiple requests and get a unique RouteLoop every time. Unlike other mapping programs, RouteLoops doesn’t assume that you know where you want to go, just where you want to start (and end) and for what distance you want to ride.
  • Tradewind Sports, the website of Jason & Fischer client Chris Harnish, a cyclist, coach and trainer